Lantern Workflow & Apps


Anyone can build a Lantern and help to host the regional network. Each device can discover other Lanterns from miles away. As Lanterns turn on for the first time, users are prompted to share their location and choose how to help. A shared database is kept in-sync through reliable, long-range wireless radio.

Routing & Deliveries

Neighbors can work together to identify needs and deliver much needed supplies. Requests are tallied and grouped by location and urgency to help prioritize drop-off locations and optimize each route. Just as a ride sharing app keeps everyone informed, the Lantern can help track trucks and bikes en route and send push notifications to keep everyone in the loop.

Volunteering & Donations

Community members can donate supplies and offer their services through a digital exchange. By swiping through a series of cards, users can find suggested ways to help to meet their own capabilities and schedule. While anyone can suggest a new task, the network prioritizes tasks through voting from the community.

Household Usage

Many families will choose to stay close to home at times of natural disaster, or will return the very minute things look safe. To help deliver information across town, portable Lanterns can deliver a survey to assess needs to any WiFi-connected devices. Accordingly, a personalized map will be built for each family.

Project Lantern offers more structured, reliable ways to report and monitor emerging needs. More than that, we aim to support real communities in 2018 and beyond as they rebuild and reimagine. We are currently in the prototyping stage and we welcome feedback and contributions as our project evolves.

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