Technical Specifications

Inside the Lantern

A Simple Hardware Kit

Data Sync

We will combine three radio technologies — WiFi, LoRa and RDS2 — to ensure reliability and total flexibility. To manage storage, sync and version tracking, we use CouchDB running on the Raspberry Pi Zero W. When syncing to the browser we use PouchDB and our own web technologies, which will be open-sourced.

Lantern Pro

A future version of the Lantern designed for long-term use. This design features a wide, stable base, on-board battery and angled enclosure for easy stacking and shipping. The Lantern Pro flips over to fit easily into a solar-powered recharge station.

Project Lantern offers more structured, reliable ways to report and monitor emerging needs. More than that, we aim to support real communities in 2018 and beyond as they rebuild and reimagine. We are currently in the prototyping stage and we welcome feedback and contributions as our project evolves.

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